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Protect yourself and your family against surveillance. Simply preserve your integrity online with a hidden IP-number via proxy and VPN-encryption.

Questions and Answers

Here we have tried to gather the most common questions and answers . They are divided into five categories:

Technical issues

If the information below is not enough to help you solve your issues, there are instructions on how to contact us at the bottom of this page.

   Technical issues



   » What do I do if I receive an error message when attempting to connect to Relakks?


» error message "Error 619 or "Error 645"

Please verify that you enter the correct user name and password. 

*Also verify that your account is active
*Check your router - is port 1723 open and GRE Protocol 47 allowed?
*On Windows 7 - verify in the settings for your vpn that you try and connect via PPTP.

*For more information regarding this error, visit Microsoft here
    » error message "Error 628 or "Error 781"
This issue may occur if you are using a Linksys BEFSR41 router. For more information please visit
» error message "Error 781" or "Error 792"
For information about the problem and on how to solve it please visit


» error messages"Error 807", "Error 733" or "Error 734"

Enter the settings for your VPN (right click the Relakks connection and choose Properties) and then:

*In the security tab, please verify that you have chosen PPTP as Type of VPN.  
*In the networks tab, please verify that "Negotiate multi-link for single link connections" is not checked


» error message "Error 720"

This behavior can occur if your computer and the RAS server (Remote Access Server) do not have a protocol in common. For more information please visit


» error message "Error 800"

* This issue may be caused by a router that has outdated firmware, or does not support pptp connections. For example, this issue may occur if you are using a Cisco router with firmware that is dated 2000 or earlier. 

* If you are using Windows 7, please verify in the settings for your VPN that you try and connect via PPTP. Verify that you enter correct account credentials and make sure that you enter correctly as host name.

*For more information about how to solve the problem please visit


  » I'm sure that my password is correct, but I'm still unable to login?

When choosing password for your Relakks account, you need to be cautious. Some PPTP interfaces have issues with special characters so make sure that your password does not include:

* @, ' or "
* do not exceed 12 characters
* and remember  that passwords are case-sensitive


   »  Do you support IPv6?

No, unfortunately not. We therefore recommend you to inactivate it in the properties for Relakks.


  » How do I make my router work using Relakks Safe Surf over the PPTP protocol?

Your router must support PPTP pass through. If it has a built-in firewall it has to have port 1723 open while also supporting GRE protocol 47. Consult manual for your router for more information on how to configure it.


   » Which protocols may I use to connect to Relakks? Does protocols like OpenVPN or SSL connections work?

Currently we only offer connections using the PPTP protocol. However, we are looking into offering additional protocols in the future.

   » I have issues using SMTP and sending e-mails while using Relakks. 

Port 25 for sending mail using SMTP has been blocked due to the high level of abuse. At the moment we can't offer any SMTP-server. This means that you'll have to disconnect the Safe Surf service in order to send e-mail from your e-mail program. Alternatively, if your e-mail provider allows sending through port 587, you are good to go. Contact your e-mail provider for configuration help.


   » My connection works fine when using low bandwidth, but when downloading files or viewing videos, the connection sometimes drops?

Try changing the MTU (Maximum Transmission Unit) size. Default value is 1500 bytes, and if you set the MTU to a lower value, this could help you in getting a more stable connection. Try values in the range from 1400 going down to around 500 bytes.

Find out more by visiting Microsoft:


   » What do I have to do if I want to use my regular ISP and internet connection?

If you want to use the Safe Surf service you have to connect using the VPN-connection. If you want to use your regular ISP and internet connection you must disconnect the VPN-connection.

   » What should I do if I get the error "unable to launch cmmon32.exe"?

As far as we know this is an internal error in windows. Please try to make a system rollback or repair the application.

   » How do I uninstall Relakks?

Just delete the Relakks connection under "Network Connections" in the "Control Panel".


   » What should I do if I can't access some websites from my Apple computer? (Mac OS X 10.4.8)

In order to fix this issue you have to change the MTU size for your network card. Do that by following the guide below:

  1. Open System Preferences.
  2. Click the Network icon.
  3. Double click ”Ethernet (built in)” or choose ”Ethernet” from the Show drop-down menu.
  4. Click the ”Ethernet tab”.
  5. Under "Maximum Packet Size (MTU) choose Custom and enter 1400 in the box.
  6. Click "Apply now".


   » What do I have to do to make Relakks Safe Surf work when using ZoneAlarm Security Suite?

Follow the guide below:

  1. Open the ZoneAlarm Security Suite panel and choose Firewall -> Zones.
  2. Click Add -> Host/Site (at the bottom right)
  3. Use the following settings: 
    Zone: Trusted 
    Host name: 
    Description: Free to choose, i.e. Relakks PPTP 
    Then click Lookup and after that OK
  4. When back at Firewall -> Zones; click Apply.
  5. Go to Firewall -> Main and click Advanced and there check Allow uncommon protocols at high security (the box Allow VPN protocols should already be checked).
  6. You connection to Relakks Safe Surf should now work.





   » Do I need a special type of firewall when I use Relakks Safe Surf?

If you have a router and has been using its built in firewall we recommend that you install a software firewall when using Relakks Safe Surf. As it is, the hardware firewall in your router can't scan the traffic running through a VPN-tunnel such as the one our Relakks Safe Surf service is using.

   » Will my service provider be able to intercept my communication when connected?

No, they will not be able to track or intercept your connection.

   » Which applications will be anonymized?

All your applications, not only your web browsers.

   » Is my connection protected?

Yes, every connection has 128-bits encryption, which is enough for most applications (such as banking).

   » Do I have to connect using the PPTP client every session?

Yes, every time you start your computer you have to use the PPTP client if you want to use the service.




   » Will my router support the Relakks connection?

You need to check the manual to see if the router supports PPTP pass through. If your router has a built-in firewall, you'll need to open port 1723 and allow GRE Protocol 47.


   » Does Relakks work on a PC running Windows 2003 Server?

As far as we know the service should work properly running Windows 2003 Server.

   » Is it possible to use Skype, Facebook and Youtube with the Relakks Safe Surf service?

Yes, it is. You should also be able to bypass geographical restrictions (such as Facebook being blocked).


   » If I have one account, can i log in to it from multiple computers?

No, you can only log in from one computer at a time. However, you can install Relakks on as many machines you want to. But you can only be connected to one at any given time.


   » If I have two accounts, can I log in to two computers at the same time?

Yes, if your router has a proxy which supports multiple VPN-tunnels, or if they are using different internet connections.

   » Will I get a static IP address?

No, we only provide dynamic IP addresses


   » What happens to the Relakks connection if it becomes inactive?

An idle connection will be terminated after 10 minutes.


   » Can I login from other countries than the one i signed up in (from same or different computer)?

Yes, you can use your account in any country on any computer.


  » Some websites require the user to be in a specific country in order for a certain service to work properly. How will that work using Relakks?

The only answer we can give with certainty is that Swedish websites will work.


   » Is it possible to use RELAKKS running Linux OS?

Yes, it is possible. You can use PPTP Linux together with PPTPconfig


   » Will there be any loss of speed compared to not using the RELAKKS service?

There might be a slight loss of speed. The main reasons probably will be the physical connection between your ISP and ours where there might be unexpected problems and the nature and functionality of the technique (TCP in this case). Our equipment however, has got no speed limits. 




   » Are there any subscription binding periods?

You don't subscribe for any longer period than the one you have paid for,

   » What payment methods are available?

Most VISA debit and credit cards should work, as well as China UnionPay card. Note that we've had some issues with American credit cards, due to a large number of frauds.


   »  Can I get an invoice for my payment?

No, we do not send invoices. 


   »  If I stop paying for the service will my subscription end?

Yes, you either pay for one month or one year in advance and after that you decide if you want to prolong your subscription or not by paying for a new period.



   » What do I do if i lose my username and/or password?

Please contact our Support, and provide us much information as possible.


   » What should I do to unregister my Relakks account? 

Please contact our Support (remember to provide your account details in the e-mail).



   » Who do i contact if i have any questions?

Send an e-mail to The e-mail must follow the guide below.

You should choose one of the following subjects. We want you to write only one of these, no more no less, as the subject of your e-mail.

• Registration/Unregistration
• Technical issues
• Payment issues
• Trial 
• Functionality feedback

In your e-mail regardless of subject we want you to write down your user-ID (i.e. 12345) and your username (i.e. relakksdude) as well as a clear description of your problem/issue. We will not answer e-mails that aren’t following this guide.

PLEASE NOTE! We strongly advice all of our users to first consult this QNA/FAQ as well as the Legal and Security sections here on the website before sending us an e-mail. This is to eliminate e-mails with questions that already have got answers to them on the website.